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A New Twist on Tradition

A New Twist on Tradition

saying "goodbye" to the old but not quite "hello" to the new

Since history, we have created and renewed products all over the world. From telephones to cellphones, radios to iPods, BlockBuster to Netflix, the world is constantly changing and improving. With change and improvement also comes a loss of tradition and technique. Of course, not all is lost when we find ways to incorporate the old with new, fresh products to keep consumers interested while also preserving the traditional quality that we all know and love.

Such includes the beloved tatami, primarily used since ancient times as a floor mat in Japan. Originally used by the royal Japanese family in that Nara era (AD 710), the raw material of tatami that all Japanese people have grown to love has an antibacterial and deodorant effect, while its fragrance has a calming effect. 

Realizing how much of a valued item tatami is in Japan, Osamu Oda discovered an innovative brand of tatami accessories. Born from the concept, “from laying tatami to carrying tatami" the 120 year old company still stands today and is constantly thinking of new ways to explore and use tatami.

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