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Kumanofude Portable High-quality Makeup Brush Set with Makie


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Fude (brush) making in Kumano in Hiroshima has continued for 200 years, and the town of Kumano is the largest brush manufacturing area in Japan at present. Hiroshima Artist Brush's makeup brushes are made individually by hand by skilled artisans using materials carefully selected. Only highly trained workers can make these brushes and several have attested that their make-up brushes are of the highest quality.

This high-quality portable brush set is designed and produced with quality and usability in mind. The powder and cheek brushes, made from blue squirrel hair, feel tender and smooth against the skin, while the lip brush is made from high-quality weasel hair, with a bit more resilience and elasticity, and matches with lipstick perfectly. Each brush is collapsible and compact, and features a maki-e (lacquer-work) style painting.

  • The hair from the tip of Kumano-fude brushes is never cut with scissors so that the natural tip is kept intact and is especially soft on the skin. It also helps the brushes hold more makeup (due to what’s known as a capillary phenomenon).
  • A brush that can glide smoothly across all skin textures.
  • A brush that always applies your makeup thinly, widely, and evenly.
  • A brush that gives you a brilliant, beautiful finish that everyone will notice.
Product Details
Powder Brush: Blue Squirrel & Goat (Sokoho) hair
Cheek Brush: Blue Squirrel & Horse hair
Lip Brush: Weasel hair
Brush Handles: Brass
Size: 3.5in x 7.3in x 1.1in (90mm x 185mm x 27mm)
Weight: 5oz (139g)


About Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment as a brush manufacturer in 1869, Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. has manufactured many different types of brushes. As the leading company in the brush industry, they strive to maintain the traditional craft goods of Japan and export them globally.