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Coloring Brush Pen "Fudehime"


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Fude (brush) making in Kumano, Hiroshima started the Edo period and this tradition has continued for 200 years. Currently, the town of Kumano is the largest brush manufacturing area in Japan. “Fudehime” Coloring Brush Pens are handmade by a special craftsman. The tips are painstakingly produced with a special elastic fiber. The hairs used in the brush are elastic and perfectly gathered together, making this brush perfect for writing calligraphy and for drawing pictures. 

  • Enjoy the three-dimensional brushstrokes with lines of various thickness.
  • Use brush pen as a watercolor brush (aqueous dye ink in the brush.)
  • Experiment with lights and darks, and mixing different colors in the palette.
  • Great to use various ways, such as composing postcards, and memo cards, calligraphy, watercolor paintings, coloring books, and more.
Product Details

12 Colors included: Black, Cool Gray, Brown, Naples Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Light Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red

Material: Tip: PBT, Handle: Polyvinyl (plastics)

Size: 6.4in x 5.3in x 0.6in (165mm x 135mm x 15 mm)

Weight: 5.5oz (155g)

About Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment as a brush manufacturer in 1869, Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. has manufactured many different types of brushes. As the leading company in the brush industry, they strive to maintain the traditional craft goods of Japan and export them globally.