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Kumanofude Mini Shodo Set


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Shodo (calligraphy) is the art of drawing characters with a brush and India ink to express spiritual depth and beauty. There is an opinion that shodo is useful for a mindfulness recently. The act of writing by hand draws our mind into the present moment on a neurological level.

This "mini shodo set" contains all tools necessary for shodo, such as  brushes, an India ink bar, an inkstone, a memo pad, a pitcherand a brush putting, into a paulownia box compactly.

Set Overview

1. Suzuri Box
A box made of paulownia in order to keep humidity out properly in the box. It is small, and it has an elegant simplicity though the grain of the paulownia.

2. Brush
"Hiroshima": A small brush is suitable to write be thin lines and characters.
"Kumano": A brush is made of weasel hair, and this is suitable for the Kana style.

3. Ink Stone
An Indian ink descending good.

4. India Ink
Made in Nara Prefecture, Japan, and called a "Sho en boku". Comes in a smal, one-quarter size.

5. "Mizusashi" Pitcher
Made of earthenware with the stability, and a calm celadon color.

6. Brush putting
Made of earthenware and easy-to-use to put two brushes.

7. "Ippitsusen" Writing pad
Good for either pen or calligraphy. 30 sheets.

Product Details

Suzuri Box: Paulownia
Brushes: Weasel hair, Horse hair, and others. Handle is made of bamboo
Ink Stone: Stone
India Ink: India Ink
"Mizusashi" Pitcher: Earthenware
Brush putting: Earthenware
"Ippitsusen" Writing pad: Paper

Size: 9.2in x 4.4in x 1.9in (234mm x 112mm x 49mm)
Weight: 12.2oz (345g)

About Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment as a brush manufacturer in 1869, Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. has manufactured many different types of brushes. As the leading company in the brush industry, they strive to maintain the traditional craft goods of Japan and export them globally.