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Hana Kohaku Junmai Ginjo Plum Sake


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Hana Kohaku is unique in its own sense as its made from a mix of Japanese nanko plum extract and junmai sake. The nanko variety of plums are grown in Wakayama Prefecture, and give the sake a slight amber color as well as a succulent flavor. Mildly sweet with a smooth citrus-acidic flavor, Hana Kohaku pairs well with pork dishes and desserts. End your night pleasantly with this flavorful sake!

Size: 300ml (10.15 fl.oz.) 

Prefecture: Hyogo

Taste Profile: Mildly Sweet and Acidic

Rice Polishing Rate: 60%

Alc/Vol: 12.7%

Sake Meter Value (SMV): -68

Serving Temperature: Chilled

**Please note: Due to liquor laws, you must be located in New York City to purchase this item.