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Kappou Toshi Nagasaki Yuko Dressing


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Yuko is a citrus fruit unique to Japan's Nagasaki and Saga Prefectures. With fewer than 100 trees worldwide, this rare fruit offers a true taste of Kyushu. Though the number of Yuko trees is steadily decreasing, Kappou Toshi hopes to spin this crop into the future, and be able to bring it to people around the world for years to come.

Product Details

Unlike other products, Yuko Dressing from Kappou Toshi consists primarily of Yuko, and it lacks the "phantom sugars" that the body has difficulty absorbing, making it a more health-conscious choice. This dressing can be used with fish, meat, and noodle dishes, among others, and its mellow and versatile taste adds something special to every meal.

Each bottle contains 200ml of Yuko Dressing imported from Japan, and has a shelf life of six months.

About Kappou Toshi

The restaurant Kappou Toshi was founded in 1978 by Hidetoshi Sato, who served as executive chef at Ryotei Fukiro, one of the oldest restaurants in Nagasaki with centuries of history. During his tenure, he made food for the Japanese Imperial Family. Kappou Toshi was created with the thought of "I want you to have it."

In 2009, they established Kappou Toshi Ponzu Co., Ltd. The goal of this company was to share prepared foods and seasonings with a broader audience, by adhering to traditional techniques in order to preserve these flavors for future generations.