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KIZOMÉ a.un Scarf “KINGYO”


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This one-of-a-kind traditionally crafted scarf was inspired by its name KINGYO (or "goldfish" in Japanese). “Bai-Shibori,” one of the Kyo-Kanoko-Shibori techniques is applied to the fabric, and is dyed one by one, delicately by hand. The technique is to pinch the fabric little by little, winding up the fine threads to dye perfectly. After dyeing, the fabric is characterized by its protruding shapes and can be unraveled. These scarves are made with a unique design with ruffles that resemble the tail fin of a goldfish.

The “KIZOMÉ a.un” series is a fashion item, hand-dyed by long-established craftsman Kiichi Matsuoka, using traditional tie-dye techniques primarily applied for kimono and obi in Kyoto.

Product Details
  • Made exclusively in Japan
  • Unique KINGYO design
  • Made of 100% silk, meaning it is light and soft.
  • Applies the Japanese kimono technique to the average scarf, which is known to be a Western fashion item.
Materials: 100% Silk
Measurements: 17.7 in x 70.9 in (45 cm × 180 cm)
Weight: 0.57 oz (16 g)
Care Instructions

Dry clean only. Please do not tumble dry.
Please note: When the product is wet, it may discolor and stain lighter colored fabric. 

About Kyoto Shibori Bikyo Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Shibori Bikyo Co. started in Kyoto, Japan more than 80 years ago where they have devotedly preserved the tradition of their foundation through traditionally tie-dying Kyoto kimono. The company now also creates fashion items such as scarves, stoles, and bags that incorporate the latest technology of “digital 3D” with the traditional practice of Kyo-Kanoko-Shibori.