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Manten Smoked Sesame Seeds

by Manten

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Sesame seeds come in many forms: they can be roasted or ground, pressed into oil or made into tahini. Now, Manten has discovered a new way to enjoy sesame, and you can try it for yourself with these Smoked Sesame Seeds.

Product Details

Using beech wood and low temperatures, Manten has given these seeds a warm, smoky flavor that is unlike anything else. Try them sprinkled on your favorite dishes to give them a new and engaging taste!

Each package contains 45 grams of smoked sesame seeds, and comes sealed in aluminum packaging to keep the smokiness inside and fresh for ten months.

About Manten

Manten, located in the capital city of Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, is dedicated to providing safe and delicious sesame products to consumers in Japan and Worldwide. Founded in March 2001, the company just celebrated twenty years of bringing the culture of sesame seeds to new audiences.