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Kobayashi Jin Somen Variety Pack


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Kobayashi Jin has been making noodles, including the thin wheat noodles known as somen, for over a century. Now, they have assembled a collection of their most popular somen noodles for enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

Product Details

This variety pack lets you enjoy four different kinds of somen imported from Japan:

  • Tenobe Somen : A basic, balanced somen that goes well with everything.
    Ingredients: Flour, salt, vegetable fat.
  • Nori Somen : Somen noodles flavored with Japanese seaweed.
    Ingredients: Flour, salt, seaweed, vegetable fat.
  • Black-5 Somen : Somen noodles made from five kinds of black fruits (black sesame, black karin, black rice, pine nuts, black soybeans) that have been considered to be good for health in the Far East since ancient times.
    Ingredients: Flour, salt, vegetable fat, black sesame, black rice, black soybeans, black karin, black pine nuts.
  • Yame Somen : Tenobe somen noodles using Yame green tea for an extra healthy boost.
    Ingredients: Flour, salt, green tea powder, vegetable fat. 

The variety pack offers five packages of each of these types of somen, and each individual package makes four servings. That's eighty servings of somen altogether!

These packages have a shelf life of three years.

About Kobayashi Jin

Established in 1908, Kobayashi Jin Seimen Co., Ltd. has been making the very best noodles for over one hundred years. In a rich natural environment surrounded by mountains and the sea in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kobayashi Jin manufactures and sells hand-stretched Somen embodying their particularity about quality as well as dried and semi-raw ramen noodles, udon noodles, and other types besides.

To ensure the highest levels of food safety and customer satisfaction, Kobayashi Jin Seimen has received certification under ISO 9001:2015 for all of their departments. In addition, their mechanized noodle-making plant received certification under FSSC 22000.