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18L Kazaridaru Display Barrels Hinomaru & Mt. Fuji


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Decorate your homes with these traditionally made sake barrels (komodaru) called kazaridaru!

A komodaru is a wooden barrel designed to transport sake during the Edo period. The daru (wooden barrel part) is wrapped with a straw mat or komo, and then tied with rope. The komo is often used as a “label” of sorts to distinguish between various brands of sake. While komodaru still store sake, most are used as a decorative piece in Japanese restaurants and bars to showcase the brands they offer at their establishment.

Today Kishimoto Kichiji Shouten continues to manufacture komodaru just as in ancient Japan; each barrel is hand-made to perfection. These komodaru customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation for over 400 years.

Product Details

There are various ways to decorate using these komodaru. The large kodomodaru uses styrofoam as the core material, making it much lighter than a full-fledged kodomo. By simply stacking them vertically or in a pyramid or arranging them horizontally, you can expect a powerful Japanese effect. Depending on the design and lighting, it can be a calm production or a flashy production.

Komodaru is made from Japanese ceder, bamboo, and polypropylene. The materials have been changed but are made using same techniques by our skilled artisans. These display barrels are created for decorative purpose only and are created by using polystyrene foam, thus making them much lighter than wooden barrels.

Through aging, the rope on the komodaru may become loose or damaged, and there may be peeling of the material. If installed outdoors, degradation can occur by direct sunlight, wind, and rain. Please do not place heavy objects on the komodaru as it may cause damage to the internal material, making the komodaru lose its shape.


Core: Polystyrene Foam
Interior Weight: Concrete block
Outer Material: Polyethylene
Rope: Polypropylene

Size: 17in × 16in (44cm × 40cm)

Weight: 5.07lbs (2.3kg)

About Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co., Ltd. 

Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co. was inspired by Kagamibiraki, the traditional way of celebrating by breaking the lid of Komodaru with Kampai! (Cheers!) In the early Edo days, Komodaru was used to transport sake from Osaka to Tokyo. At the peak of Komodaru transportation, 1,200,000 barrels were used. Nowadays, Komodaru are used to celebrate weddings and happy moments in one's life as a part of KagamibirakiKishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co., Ltd. hopes to continue the traditional ways of Komodaru with a modern touch at the same time.