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Mame Cocolan Daruma Lantern


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Japan is well known for beautiful paper lanterns, which are often seen at festivals and holidays, as well as being lovely home decor. This whimsical lamp combines the elegance of Japanese lanterns with the fun of a traditional toy and good luck charm, to create something entirely new.

Product Details

This palm-sized Mame Cocolan was made with the same traditional craft techniques as Obon lanterns, used during the annual summer festival of remembrance. This lantern was created in the image of a daruma doll, a popular folk toy in Japan, and just like a daruma doll, when you tip it over, it pops back up again. Because of this, it is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck. And, of course, it works as a lamp!

The lanterns are made of Hidaka Washi, special paper made in Japan, and printed with either a Sakura or Kurume Aya design. Each lantern has a base made from wood from the rubber tree, and facial details that were hand-painted by a craftsman.

About Shiraki Kogei

Shiraki Kogei, Ltd, located in Yame City in Fukuoka Prefecture, has been making traditional Yame Chochin lanterns for many years. Inspired by the abundant nature of Kyushu, they have been cultivating their lantern manufacturing techniques for generations. They hope to represent Japan with their beautiful workmanship, as well as pass these traditions and techniques down to the next generation of craftsmen. While keeping these traditions alive, Shiraki Kogei also seeks to create products for modern lifestyles, without being bound by conventional values, and share them with people around the world.