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Yasumitsu Morito

Yasumitsu Morito's tableware focus on the ceramics that value and embody equality and barrier-free, designed for all. Born in the ceramic town of Mashiko, Japan, and continues evolving in NYC, the studio contributes to the established tradition and its historical elaboration.

Mashiko has been known as a ceramic town in Japan since the 1920s, when one of the founders, Shoji Hamada from Mashiko, together with Bernard Leach from the UK, participated in a mutual artistic exchange. Mashiko houses living national treasures. In 1925 the philosopher, Soetsu Yanagi invented the name Mingei to describe practical, yet unobtrusive, and beautifully crafted objects. Mingei is a part of the aesthetical attribute of traditional Mashiko. In the U.S, Hamada and Leach taught a month-long workshop at Black Mountain College in 1952

About the Artist


Yasumitsu Morito is a ceramist and sculptor. Born and trained in Mashiko, lives and works in New York City, he is an elected sculptor of National Sculpture Society and Cultural Ambassador for Machiko Ceramic.