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LINN-S Igaryu Ninjya Tabi Shoes


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LINN-S Tabi shoes

LINN-S is a proactive, health-giving footwear based on the traditional Japanese rubber soled Jika-tabi (tabi boots) worn by steeplejacks and other workmen who require good footing, such as farmers and rickshaw-drivers.

Igaryu Ninja 

Ninja used their extraordinary skills to disguise themselves to remain unseen to achieve their goals, over a long period of history. LINN-S supports those skills at their feet. The outstanding gripping soles and amazing lightweight properties support their secret skills and strenuous movements at their feet.

The uppers are reinforced by Sashiko stitching which is usually adopted for judo uniform. On the sides, the character “忍” is embroidered, which is the sign of Igaryu ninjas. These are the real ninja shoes, endorsed by Igaryu Ninja who are still living in the darkness.

Product Details 

Color: Black
Sizes: Unisex US shoe sizes 4-11 (17.0cm - 29.0cm)
Upper material: 100% Cotton 
Lining material: 100% Cotton
Sole and Side material: Rubber
Hook: Brass (Nickel plated)

About LINN-S

LINN-S provides a style for living beautifully.

Walk on the beach under the bright, shining morning sun. Select fresh foods at the Whole Foods Market. Spend your weekend enjoying yoga. Take a vacation to go to Sedona. From time to time, allow yourself quietly to feel the energy of nature, and stride through the ground with an active spirit. More naturally, more fashionably. 
Live your life like you want. That’s the life style LINN-S suggests.