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Health Starts from the Toes

Health Starts from the Toes

Ever heard the saying "the sole of your foot is the second heart?" 

That's exactly what people believed back in ancient China and Egypt, long before we had comfortable shoes! In fact, the reason why reflexology, a system of massage on the foot used to relieve tension and treat illness, is so popular today lies within the foot and the idea that different parts of it mirror various parts of the body.

So why don't we treat our feet better? We're on our toes for long hours at work, it's time to let them rest! Tabi shoes are perfect break for our tired toes. For the sporty foot, Jika-tabi (meaning “tabi that contact the ground”) were developed to provide a good grip in outdoor areas where footing might be poor. Because the jika-tabi separates the big toes from the other toes, it allows the big toe to firmly grips irregular surfaces such as rooftops, or uneven ground, while enabling the thin sole to transmit the texture and shape of the ground to allow the wearer to adjust their movements dynamically.

Try them out for yourself and give your toes a treat!


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