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Oda-Tatami: Style, Convenience, Durability and Tradition in a Wallet!

Oda-Tatami: Style, Convenience, Durability and Tradition in a Wallet!

Everyone knows how it is, your absolute favorite wallet that you've been using for years is finally getting old and tattered. It's barely keeping itself together and you want to use it for a few more years but your friends nag you to buy a new one and even strangers give you looks when you take it out. When you finally do decide to invest in a brand new wallet, you're stumped. So many sizes and options, where do you start?

When it comes to buying a new wallet, there are a few points you may want to consider:

  1. Quality & Durability
  2. Style & Uniqueness
  3. Design & Convenience
  4. Price 

The Oda-Tatami Aoi Mini Wallet Series in Yellow

A wallet that covers all the necessary bases can be found right here! Introducing the line of Oda-Tatami wallets, a durable, stylish and unique wallet to last you years. Oda-Tatami wallets are made from the rich igusa (rush) plant, dried and woven into a strong mat called tatami. These tatami mats have been used for centuries in Japan, where is it known as a prized material and is often still used as flooring in Japanese-style houses today. Because they are made of such a strong material, they prove to be strong and durable while also carrying a bit of Japanese tradition and history.

Oda-Tatami packaging including special protective covering

These unique wallets were designed in Japan by Oda-Tatami, a family company that has provided their country with tatami mats and products for over 120 years. Their tatami inventions are skillfully hand-crafted by the family themselves, with their experience for creating high quality goods marked with a distinct "Made in Japan" label.

Regarding its design, the wallet comes in three different styles being sold at our RESOBOX Online Store. The Oda-Tatami Aoi Mini Wallet is a classic favorite, small yet spacious, it's suitable to fit all your cash and cards conveniently at reach at all times. 

With a total of 4 card slots, and 2 coin pockets (can also be used for receipts and notes), there's plenty of storage for such a tiny wallet. The golden brass zipper makes all contents easily accessible while also providing security.

A unique and convenient way of storing your bills is featured in this special wallet as they are stored slightly folded and tucked into the front flap in the center of the wallet. This provides convenience when taking out the bills as they can be untucked quickly and spread out to grasp the bills you need all while staying neatly inside the wallet, even as you're paying!

Since the zipper provides a wall between the coins and the coin pocket, the wallet can even be held vertically without the coins slipping out. Talk about defying gravity (or just smart designing!)

In addition to all the cool and convenient quirks to the wallet, the designs within the wallet are also beautiful as well. The golden fabric behind the cash and card slots is made of gold brocade from Kyoto Nishijin, the same fabric used for kimono obi. The brocade is delicately detailed and has a stunning, eye-catching shine.


At only $189 at our RESOBOX Online Store, the Oda-Tatami Aoi Mini Wallet is truly a steal! The Oda-Tatami company has acknowledged that their wallets aren't the most inexpensive out there but are proven to be of the highest quality made by passionate craftsmen. 

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