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Tsumugi-au Aka Ume Cheek and Lip Brush


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This sophisticated makeup brush set is made based on the beautiful deep color of red. It comes with a cosmetic purse made with the edge cloth of Tatami, part of Japan's traditional culture. This is the product cherishes each meeting opportunity and helps to  build relationships with the important people around you (the true meaning of Tsumugi-au).

Tatami-beri is the cloth which is attached to the edge of Tatami (Japanese straw mat) for reinforcement and decoration. Nowadays, it is popular because of its versatility, and because it is not only used for Tatami but also for small items and materials as well.

This set comes with a cheek and a lip brush which are useful for daily use, as well as a new yet nostalgic handmade cosmetic purse made one by one with Tatami-beri.

The cheek brush is made from “Sokoho,” which is high-end class among quality goat hair, and its brush tip is sensitive and has a luxurious feeling on the skin.

The lip brush is made from Kolinsky hair which has good bounce and applies cosmetic product on the skin nicely. 

This luxury set comes with a paulownia wood box and is perfect for gift-giving.

Product Details
  • 1 cheek brush (“Sokoho”)
  • 1 lip brush (Kolinsky hair)
  • 1 “Tatami-beri” purse
  • 1 paulownia wood box

KOYUDO is based in the Kumano town of Hiroshima prefecture where they are known for making the Kumano-fude brush, a designated traditional craftwork by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry used for calligraphy, painting, and even makeup. They believe in the motto, "always think of new ideas" and are constantly thinking of ways to improve and promote their brushes.